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Mensa dating

A 12-year-old girl has scored higher in an IQ test than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.The so-called genius benchmark is set at 140 and Rajgauri Pawar gained a score of 162.

"They were partying in the corridors of the hotel, which you're not allowed to do here," says the hotel's director.Some 400 Mensa members had gathered to socialize, reports SBS, and some of the revelers say media reports have exaggerated the events.For instance, one story circulating involves wild drum-playing at 4am."We're in two minds about this, of course," says a spokesperson for Mensa Sweden."We do want new members—but perhaps not in this way." It's still not entirely clear what happened at the hotel.

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If you've read our answer to this question, then you know that IQ stands for intelligence quotient.

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