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The star appeared to be using his mobile phone while driving, risking a £200 fine and six penalty points on his licence if pulled over by the authorities while Tess was in the passenger's seat. And love must be in the air because we're swooning over the colour block bikini she's wearing here.

Rumour has it Harry Styles has fallen head over heels for chef and blogger Tess Ward. It's a L' Agent by Agent Provocateur style, and between the bold hot pink and red combination, the halterneck design and those strategically placed cut outs, it's a great combination.

She helped them craft a ballroom-style dance that is featured during their performance of "Undone." Mc Lean said they're lucky to have had some fans who have stood by their side through their entire journey so far, dating back to the days before they were signed by a record label and touring high schools in attempt to get exposure. They've battled record companies and former managers.

Singers Howie Dorough, Kevin Richardson, AJ Mc Lean, Brian Littrell and Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys perform during the launch of the group's residency "Larger Than Life" at The Axis at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on March 1, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada."Had we gone with the original amount of songs, it probably would have been a three or four hour show," Mc Lean said. They even released a tell-all documentary in 2015 that revealed Littrell's ongoing struggle with a condition called vocal tension dysphonia.

(Lopez's show vacated days before BSB's March 2 opening, leaving them with just a couple of days to practice on their new stage.) Two things AJ and Kevin can't live without in #Vegas? @skulleeroz @kevinscottrichardson #BSBVegas A post shared by CNN Media Entertainment (@cnnentertainment) on The idea to do a Las Vegas residency was first floated around 2013, said Richardson.

The Backstreet Boys were on their "In a World Like This" tour and Spears had just launched her show to much excitement.

New Look, Accessorize and Forever Unique have got our favourites...

As much as I love to snark on Lifetime movies, I really do try my best to understand all the twists and turns and complicated villain backstories and murder motives so I can explain the plot correctly to those who didn't watch.

Of course I sometimes misinterpret things or miss details, because I'm a human being who likes to blink sometimes, and Lifetime movie climaxes tend to cram a lot of information and action into a very short amount of time. The movie starts with Sarah (Haylie Duff) marrying heart doctor Kevin Richardson (Ty Olsson).

A Carlisle supermarket worker will grace our TV screens... Kevin Todhunter will appear on the show Naked Attraction – without his clothes on.

The 32-year-old gym fanatic did a naked audition for the show in April at TV studios in Manchester.

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Fitness fanatic Kevin is not going to reveal what happened in the show as he wants people to tune in and see for themselves.